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>>Can You Find The iPhone 12 Amongst These iPads?

Can You Find The iPhone 12 Amongst These iPads?

Can You Find The iPhone 12 Amongst These iPads? LifeSize Touch

We’ve all heard the phrase “like a needle in a haystack”, but we bet you’ve never tried to find an iPhone in a pile of iPads? That is, until now. And while what we’re proposing may not have the same ring to it as that age-old phrase, we’ve put together an Apple-related brainteaser that we think is just as tricky as finding the proverbial.

As specialists in all things touch screen, we’ve concealed a brand-new iPhone 12 amongst a multi-layered image of iPad after iPad for you to find. Famed for its sleek and unobtrusive appearance, we’ve taken advantage of the phone’s low-key looks when designing this brainteaser in order to maximise its trickiness.

And who knows, perhaps you’ve got some experience of finding your own phone in hard to spot locations after misplacing it? But we reckon that even with those finely-honed skills, you may still struggle – it took those we previously tasked with completing this mission an average of two minutes to find the errant iPhone! On the other hand, the fastest time was a pretty nippy 44 seconds, so there’s certainly some competition if you think you’ve got what it takes to sift out the iPads.

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