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>>New 22 inch Touchscreen Kiosk

New 22 inch Touchscreen Kiosk


A slimline, space saving touchscreen floor stand, with A4 brochure/leaflet holder

This stylish freestanding totem, features a 22 inch Android touchscreen and four rack printed media holder.
It combines the best of digital and printed media options to appeal to a wide range of age groups.

With the 22 inch Android touchscreen, you have endless possibilities for delivering interactive real time information.
Instantly publish promotions, events, news, menus, offers, maps, videos, pricelists, brochures, QR codes, etc.

Data capture for marketing

Why not use input forms on the touchscreen to get your customers to provide email addresses or mobile phone numbers. This provides a great opportunity for fast sales follow up.

Multimedia Screensaver Mode

Attract customers with the screensaver mode, the touchscreen will display a slideshow with graphics, videos and sound when the touchscreen is inactive.

Do you need a help with setup and content?

We can provide fast and affordable content setup for your touchscreen, plus training on how to update your touchscreen.

Height: 158 cm
Width: 37 cm
Weight: 23 Kg

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