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32″ UHB AIO through glass touchscreen

The all-in-one Touch Window Pro is probably the easiest through glass touch installation solution in the world!

Our innovative new design combines three separate technology components needed for through glass touch into one:

1. A high brightness display (suitable for windows use)
2. A through glass touch sensor
3. A PC (to control the touchscreen and content)

All technology components are now integrated into one single giant iPad style design, with toughened glass front. This all-in-one touchscreen is then very easily mounted behind the glass on the inside of your shop window.

Potential for damage to sensitive touch sensor technology during fitting or after installation has been eliminated, as all technology is fully enclosed in a stylish, slim, space saving design.

The touch performance is smooth and instantly operable. LifeSize guarantees a great user experience, even with window glass between the user and the screen.

The LifeSize Touch Window Pro will work through up to 8mm (5/16″) thickness glass.

If your glass is more than 8mm or you have double glazing, we have alternative products for those situations.


  • Installs look better with minimal wires to conceal
  • Only one power cable needed
  • No need for an expensive custom enclosure to ‘hide’ all the components
  • No need for an expensive specialist installer to install a delicate touch film
  • Easy to remove for cleaning when required
  • Move touchscreen to a new location if required