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>>>43″ interactive table for care homes

43″ interactive table for care homes

43″ interactive table for care homes

Our interactive tables for care homes are portable and provide mental stimulation and engaging content which can be tailored to all your individual residents.

Our touchscreen tables come pre-installed with over 50 Android apps to get started, we then show you how to add more during your handover training.  The type of content and apps use include:

  • Group or 1 to 1 use
  • video calling – Zoom, Messenger, Skype, etc
  • watching old films/documentaries,
  • listening to music
  • learning/mind gym games
  • drawing apps
  • sensory apps – balloons, fireworks, fish
  • puzzle and jigsaw games
  • digital board games, such as Connect4, Dominoes, Jin Rummy etc.
  • photo memories, news, etc.

Each touchscreen table has an in-built Android PC, Wifi connection and under table power on/off switch.  Google Play store is on all PC’s allowing access to thousands of free Android apps/content so you can tailor the experience as you go.

Projected capacitive touch technology means the entire table top is edge to edge glass.  The toughened glass table-top is water resistant making it easy to clean spills and to clean regularly for hygiene purposes.

The angle of the screen can be adjusted in angle using our manual adjustment to tabletop and easel/tilted positions.

  • screen in tilted/easel position – to allow a resident to use the touchscreen while seated or at bedside.
  • screen in tabletop position – to allow more than one resident to share the touchscreen and play our multi-player apps.

Braked castors ensure a safe lock down of the touchscreen table, once it’s in the correct place.

What makes our touchscreen tables for care homes different?

  • Unlike other companies selling touchscreen tables for care homes, our Android touchscreen tables are designed and made by us in the UK.  You will be buying direct from the manufacturer.
  • We know our product inside out because we designed it.  Your product training and aftercare will always be delivered directly by us.  We have always specialised in touchscreens since we started almost ten years ago – we don’t sell photocopiers, printers – just touchscreens and we are great at what we do.
  • We have a complete easy to use system, which together with high quality finish makes our product range one of the best!

If you would like a demo of our care home touchscreen tables, please call us on 0151 8080 80 or get in touch for our pricelist using our enquiry form.


  • 43″ touchscreen
  • Entry level stand option
  • Over 50 Android apps pre-installed
  • Google Play Store
  • 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution
  • Toughened glass touchscreen
  • In-built speakers
  • In-built 5MP camera
  • Microphone supplied (for video calling)
  • Wifi & bluetooth
  • Braked castors
  • UK product design and manufacture