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>>>NFC / RFID enabled touchscreens

NFC / RFID enabled touchscreens

The number of mobile phones shipped with NFC capability is set to increase to 2.2 billion by 2020.  NFC is an important addition to the interactive experience, as it can provide greater convenience and a more sophisticated customer journey.

Both NFC and RFID hardware technology can be integrated into many of our touchscreen products, offering security and installation benefits.

What is NFC?

NFC means near field communications and is a short range form of wireless technology that lets you exchange data with other NFC enabled devices.  This typically involves an NFC chip and card.   NFC works within a radius of 10 centimetres making it an ideal method for sending data securely.

An example of use could be a teacher using an NFC card to login to a touchscreen with an NFC reader which would then automatically log them in to their own files and folders on the local network.

Another example is a customer using an NFC enabled mobile phone, tapping an NFC reader on a touchscreen kiosk to checkout and pay for their order.

In both examples, NFC is a great way to provide speed and convenience in busy environments and negating the need to input sensitive data on-screen.


  • NFC / RFID hardware integration
  • Separate or integrated card readers