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>>The Benefits of Using Touchscreen Technology in the Workplace

The Benefits of Using Touchscreen Technology in the Workplace

The Benefits of Using Touchscreen Technology in the Workplace LifeSize Touch

Because of the ways that users can intuitively interact with touchscreen devices, it’s perhaps unsurprising that businesses are using the technology in workplaces with increasing frequency. From retail stores to restaurants, manufacturing companies to finance businesses, organisations of all kinds have been benefitting from the use of touchscreen devices in their operations.

After altering how we do things in our home lives, it was only a matter of time before touchscreen technology made inroads into the workplace too. If you’re a business owner who’s unconvinced by how touch devices can benefit you and your employees, we’ve gathered together some of the ways in which touchscreen technology help make your day-to-day tasks more efficient.

Greater collaboration

Emerging devices and technologies, such as touchscreens, interactive whiteboards and kiosks, have created entirely new ways in which works can collaborate. They allow for greater effectiveness with regards to teamwork and meetings through things such as drawing capabilities, instant mark up and note-taking.

Such tools can be used for training and re-training purposes, in daily departmental briefings and board meetings, to gather confidential feedback, and a whole host of other workplace activities that can improve collaboration and enable more effective management.

The Benefits of Using Touchscreen Technology in the Workplace LifeSize Touch

Automation of processes

Touchscreens can serve to automate certain processes that would normally be handled by human workers. For instance, interactive displays can be used to direct visitors to where they need to go, or they can be used to train up new employees.

By enabling the automation of tasks such as this, it frees up an employee’s time, allowing them to focus on more demanding tasks and collaborate more effectively with others –helping companies to make operational savings in the process.

Improved participation

Speaking of meetings, it can be hard to get everyone excited about attending and participating in them. With touchscreen devices so prevalent, there’s no reason not to bring the interactivity that’s inherent to using them into your future meetings.

And if you can make your meetings more interactive, then they’ll naturally become more engaging than the usual tedium associated with PowerPoint presentations and over-long lectures. Things like interactive whiteboards and touchscreen displays can help to grab the attention of attendees, ensuring they become more of a collaborator and less than a passenger in your meetings.

There’s an undeniable novelty of interacting with the technology, but it can also add to the experience in more intangible, but powerful ways. Take, for instance, the following capabilities that many touchscreens and interactive whiteboards can offer:

  • Improved collaboration and communication through working together on a large, interactive display with varied resources
  • Intuitive operation allowing for faster, more user-friendly inputs
  • The ability to solve complex tasks faster and more efficiently with parallel inputs from multiple users.

By giving everyone a chance to participate, it allows their voice to be heard, giving more meaning to their role – a quality that’s apparent in many businesses where job satisfaction ranks highly.

The Benefits of Using Touchscreen Technology in the Workplace LifeSize Touch

Access to productivity apps

Thanks to the near-endless array of productivity apps available on Android and iOS devices (both free and paid), touchscreen technology has the potential to increase employee productivity by eliminating common workplace distractions. Both Android and iOS have their own dedicated “productivity” section you can browse to track down output-optimising apps that’ll help to improve your efforts and allow you to get more work done through the day.

Greater customer engagement

If you’re a retail business that has used signage in the past, then interactive displays are an excellent way to turn passersby into customers. Interactive versions of your usual signage have the added of benefit of allowing those who are browsing to become participants in your goods and services, bringing the excitement of the product to them in a non-invasive way.

Store-front screens can be used to catch the attention of shoppers, piquing their interest and inviting them to interact and engage with your brand. Similarly, in-store displays are also effective; self-service touchscreen kiosks can serve many different functions, from displaying your product offerings and promoting loyalty cards, to inviting customers to sign up for competitions, all in fun, memorable and personalised ways.

This all plays into the customer experience, of course. While price, quality and service are all important to them, they also value their time too. Providing them with a faster, more convenient and intuitive experience, such as with the above instances, keeps their business with you smoother and more streamlined than ever:

  • Touchscreens that speed up ordering in fast-food restaurants and drive-thrus
  • Self-service way-finding kiosks that direct visitors to their destination quicker
  • Train stations, cinemas and car parks equipped with self-service ticket machines for faster purchases and quicker service

Improved accessibility

For customers and employees alike, one of touchscreen technology’s biggest benefits is the ability to improve accessibility for those with disabilities.

People with impaired eyesight can easily zoom in on digital signage, increasing the size of text and images, while voice technologies that read aloud what’s on screen can also come in useful.

Likewise, employees who struggle with a mouse and keyboard may find touchscreens’ intuitive design better suited to them, while height-adjustable touchscreen kiosks make things hassle-free for wheelchair users.

At LifeSize Touch, we’re experts in touchscreen innovation, helping businesses around the UK leverage this exciting technology. For more information, visit the homepage today.

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