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>>10 Benefits of Using a Video Wall

10 Benefits of Using a Video Wall

From retail stores to reception areas, video walls can help all manner of businesses turn their products and services into the centre of attention. Highly effective for branding and advertising, and capable of broadcasting both vivid, impactful visuals and information, they’re versatile and highly dynamic.

For many organisations, a video wall system is a considerable investment; such technology doesn’t exactly come cheap. So, with that in mind, why should a business fork out for this type of setup? Couldn’t a single large display, a front projector, or a set of individual monitors suffice?

While those options can certainly be of value, by forgoing the video wall route, you’ll be missing out on a plethora of different benefits. So how can you take advantage of what this technology can offer?

Here are the key reasons businesses opt for a video wall.

Visual Benefits

  1. No Limitations on Resolution

The greater the pixel count, the greater the resolution. And the higher the resolution, the more detailed the image displayed on a wall will be.

Thus, video walls have a much larger display area and higher resolutions than a single display or projector. And because they’re highly scalable compared to other video options, the display surface can be expanded without any loss in image quality.

This means that, in theory, the technology can be scaled up to fit in large venues, like sports stadiums.

  1. Exceptional Brightness and Clarity

Since video walls offer more brightness and better contrast ratios compared to front projectors, they’re ideal in environments where windows and overhead lighting are in abundance.

This is due to video walls being less susceptible to being washed out by ambient light, unlike their LCD, LED and rear projection cubes counterparts. Given that natural light is a big plus when it comes to modern environmental designs, intruding sunlight is no issue for video walls.

And regardless of their size, video walls maintain consistent brightness whatever their size. Front-projected images, on the other hand, become dimmer and blurrier when they’re enlarged.

10 Benefits of Using a Video Wall LifeSize Touch


  1. Powerful Processing

In video wall systems, image and video processing is performed by an external video wall processor called a controller. Compared to the processors built into individual displays, a controller can leverage processing power with far greater power.

Such processing capabilities allow video walls to broadcast smoother visuals with large amounts of high-res content. This provides your messaging with plenty of attention-grabbing oomph.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

As well as their video quality, video wall installations themselves look superb, with a clean, streamlined design that does away with the thick bezels of single displays and the hanging metal of projectors.

Whatever your business, the impressive aesthetics of video walls exude professionalism, luxury and sophistication, impressing customers, clients and partners alike with their powerful visual punch.

Interactive Benefits

  1. Signal Versatility

Single displays and projectors are limited in their connectivity and ability to capture multiple sources. Video walls, meanwhile, can connect to multiple signals and display them at once, even if they’re in disparate formats and resolutions.

Additionally, these signals can all be accessed using the video wall controller, where they can be manipulated, optimised and made ready for video presentation.

  1. Flexible Content Placement

A video wall system is a bit like having your own virtual canvas, with each individual display tile functioning as a piece of this “canvas”. Depending on the video wall software you’re using, the processor can allow a content window to be placed on a single display, stretched across multiple displays or dragged across the display surface. Still not enough for you? Multiple content windows can also be placed on a single display too!

  1. Content Manipulation Features

When it comes to the back end, video walls have plenty of options, allowing video wall controllers to display their content in all manner of different ways too. Through manipulation, content can be arranged, resized and layered to make some truly creative layouts.

10 Benefits of Using a Video Wall LifeSize Touch

And you don’t have to be a design whizz to get to grips with the above; there’s a pick-up-and-play approach to video walls that makes them a breeze to use. For venues that switch out their content frequently, that’s definitely a boon.

In no time at all, users can access the backend and update content, making amends to anything from event schedules and product specials to daily menu items. Plus, users can even define preset layouts and display them at the click of a button – especially useful if you want to make use of the same layouts more frequently.

Reliability Benefits

  1. 24/7 Reliability

The majority of video wall systems are built from professional-grade components, with some designed for 24/7, mission-critical environments. Projectors and displays use cheaper components that provide neither the reliability nor resilience of a video wall.

Even the top-end projectors still need maintenance at frequent intervals, while their vulnerability to vibration, humidity and ambient light requires consideration of external factors when setting them up.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

With no consumable parts and minimal maintenance time, video walls are designed for maximum reliability and uptime during operation.

In comparison, projectors demand regular downtime in order to replace their costly lamps and light engines. Although the upfront cost is higher than other display options, the low maintenance costs of video walls make them a more affordable solution in the long term.

  1. Flexible Size and Shape

If variety and versatility are features of your previous displays, then video walls offer far more flexibility in both size and shape in comparison. With the right display types and mounting systems, video walls can be wall-mounted, free-standing, curved, non-rectangular and even three-dimensional.

Small enough to be portable and versatile enough to be scaled up, the number of environments and use cases for video walls is truly staggering.

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